Throughout his 19 year career-span as Medical Practitioner, Dr Bell’s ultimate goal has been to see his patients vibrant and well and he has applied and mastered various modalities to achieve just that.

Dr Bell completed his training at the University of Stellenbosch in 1995, and in 1998 relocated to Canada where he spent 7 years working in Emergency Medicine, which, at that time, was the main focus of his vocation. It is during this time that Dr. Bell noticed the vast amount of patients who were using chronic pain medication for a large array of conditions. This prompted a transformation. Dr. Bell initiated further training in America in the field of Prolotherapy as an alternative treatment for chronic pain. He attended various conferences with the highly esteemed Hackett-Hemwall foundation and returned to South Africa a medical pioneer, revolutionizing conventional treatment regimes for various degenerative diseases, sports injuries and sprains resulting in chronic pain.

Over and above his endeavors in the field of Prolotherapy, Dr. Bell has always been interested in Integrated Medicine and obtained a postgraduate diploma in Integrated Medicine through the IMCC in 2012. As a holistic approach to healing has always been at the core or his treatment, Dr. Bell soon directed his attention towards the groundbreaking field of Regenerative medicine.

And now, once again Dr. Bell is at the forefront of medicine. He recently affiliated himself with the world-renowned Stem Cell Research Institution, US Stemcell and the South African Stem Cell Institute opened its doors.

With a keen interest in Preventative Medicine, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Sports Injuries and his exciting ventures within the field of Regenerative Medicine, Dr Bell continuously strives to offer the best and most revolutionary forms of both conventional and nutritional medicine to his patients as an holistic approach to health and wellness. In October 2014 Dr Bell received the Unashamedly Ethical award in the Health category for the impact his values has had on Society, further validating his strong sense of ethic, empathy and sincerity.