The role of academic institutions doing ongoing research is of utmost importance. At the same time treating carefully selected patients with safe, predictable, repeatable techniques should also be part of the current stem cell movement. Large studies on various Stem Cell therapies are under way and the promising results seen in smaller studies are what currently drive medical doctors around the world who are treating patients with Stem Cells. On the other hand – because large studies and outcomes have not been finalized it does not indicate patients should not be treated. Recently, in the USA, a patient underwent the first deep brain stimulation surgery to alleviate severe ticks associated with Tourette Syndrome.  There are no studies which confirm its efficacy, yet it could change her life. Physicians should apply their knowledge and wisdom efficiently when treating patients with Stem Cells with the rule DO NO HARM being critical.

Though there are many potential indications for stem cell therapy, outcomes are largely uncertain and more work is needed to consider those conditions for therapy to ensure their safe and effective implementation.  ONE MUST CAUTION against generating false hope, as people will do “anything” to get better and even demand stem cell therapy regardless of whether or not scientific evidence exists on the effectiveness of Stem Cell therapy in treating certain conditions. Unfortunately many patients are also being misled by eager providers of Stem Cell therapies for financial gain.  We, at the South African Stem Cell Institute promise to be forthcoming with our expectations for your specific case and will advise you to the best of our ability on the way forward, treatment plans and expectations.

At our facility we do our utmost to comply to the highest current standards to provide treatment for patients seeking help. We keep rigorous record of each patient and indication.  Our protocols and laboratory practices are strongly aligned with GMP criteria and mirror FDA approved facilities currently utilised in the US.



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